Webinar Invitation

Within a few hours of declaring that I had finished the book, nature (cosmic intelligence) dropped the seed of, “what’s next” into my consciousness. I let it germinate for some days before re-visiting it. 

Maharishi has a little quote, “Knowledge is for action. Action is for achievement. Achievement is for fulfillment.” 

I’m on the “knowledge is for action” part. The knowledge is the book. The action . . . 

The seed that dropped into my consciousness was, use the book to gather consciousness people. Invite those folks to webinars. Don’t spend a lot of time discussing consciousness but rather, implementing consciousness. Implement it to positively affect world issues and concerns. 

Has anyone asked you lately for the use of your rarified consciousness to help the world in a high consciousness group setting? 

This website is for this purpose. As folks sign-up, there’s a place in the process for them to express their world concerns or issues. 

Within the webinar we can identify the concerns that were most mentioned. As a group, we can decide which one(s) to focus on. How much time we want to devote to an issue before moving on to another issue and when we feel we are done for the day. 

Let’s make it happen.

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