Table of Contents

Part I         Experience

Chapter 1 What’s Enlightenment

Enlightenment is Pure Consciousness lived 24/7

Ego vs Infinity

Through God to Your Essence

Chapter 2   Hiding in Plain Sight

Harmonizing Value

Chapter 3  Nothingness

Quietness, Silence, Stillness, Transcendence

Chapter 4  Dynamism 

Bhagavad Gita and the Highest Yogi

Chapter 5  Multiplicity

Chapter 6  You and God

Subject-based Awareness

A related Personal Experience 

Chapter 7  Primary and Ancillary Features

Discriminating Nature vs Harmonizing Nature

The Uncreated

One Within the Other

Gut Enlightenment

Body Enlightenment – Ayurveda – Lord Dhanvantari

Chapter 8  Is-ness vs Am-ness


Chapter 9  Some Quotes and Other Stuff

Things most folks don’t know about enlightenment

Enlightenment Honeymoon Period

Sense of Loss of Enlightenment

Cycling of Consciousness

After Enlightenment – Reverting back to Old Habits


Part II      Techniques


Chapter 1  Enlightenment Techniques

Crown Chakra

Opening the Crown Chakra




Self-delivery of Grace

Chapter 2  Self-Inquiry

Chapter 3  Seeing Awareness


The Witness

I am That

Thou art That

All This is That

Chapter 4  Meditation

Release of Attention

Mantra Meditation

Other Meditation Focuses

Chapter 5  Chakras

Chakra Tones

Gem light Therapy

Chapter 6  Other Energies

Crystalline Energy

Elevation of Frequency

Chapter 7  Vedic Cornerstones

Patanjali - Yoga Sutras

Vedic Vibrations



My Story (spiritual bio)

Meeting Maharishi

Maharishi Again

My Awakening

Infinity meets Infinity

Being All Possibilities