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enlightenment unveiled


Awake . . . now what? It is a question some readers may have already asked themselves and others may not know if they are ready to. This guidebook for enlightenment answers that question and serves as a model for becoming ‘awake.’ 

A spiritual seeker would be hard pressed to find a book or even a teacher that expounds a more comprehensive scope of the mystery of enlightenment. Finite wrinkles of this mystifying state are revealed and connected thus providing a rich texture of the reality of enlightenment. That’s Part I of this book. 

Part II is a collection of sixteen enlightenment techniques for the seeker to sample and for the enlightened to play with. This consciousness playground reveals not only the techniques themselves but also the finite principles supporting those techniques, thereby providing a mechanical understanding of the workings of consciousness. 

I challenge the reader to find a more in-depth, knowledgeable thesis on the subject of enlightenment in fewer pages.

Awake: Enlightenment Unveiled is available on paperback and kindle version through Amazon.